A Team Atmosphere Expressed by Our Most Familiar Associate.

CYBIRD Co., Ltd. is a company that employs many graphic designers and development engineers to develop content for the smartphone-focused game industry. The company puts much effort into recruiting and nurturing talent, however, they desired to gain more momentum. We proposed the creation of message sites specifically aimed towards graphic designers and engineers, respectively.
Both roles have the same goal of addressing the needs of users, however, do completely different things. We designed the website to convey the passion of each of the main members through personal interviews, and expressed each respective team’s working atmosphere. We also launched a blog, “Working at CYBIRD,” with informative updates to help those interested to easily gain a better image of the teams involved. Our staff participated in the company’s operations meetings to closely understand from experience the company’s way of thinking and teamwork culture. They reflected, “We were very particular about how to concisely express the atmosphere that we personally experienced.”

    CYBIRD Co., Ltd.
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