EVENT OFFICEFree up your focus and outsource the administrative work

Our experienced administrative staff and in-house developed management system greatly reduce event manager burdens. We provide the support needed so they can focus on the real task at hand.

Our administrative team does much more than answer inquiries or do list management. B-Square becomes the information base and communication hub of an event, providing backup strength for event operations. Whether its small-scale or a country-wide, thousand-attendee seminar, Bigbeat ensures the proper administrative operations are planned and carried out.

Reliable, Comfortable:
The Bigbeat Management System

  • B-square(Registration Management System)
    Combining registration and management in an easy-to-use functionality, this system supports constantly updating event site operations.
    This is the main system of our Event Administration Service「B-Square」.
  • B-circle(Information Collection System)
    An event that involves not only sponsors, but numerous exhibitors and speakers, requires proper information management.
    B-circle manages details like submission materials and deadline notifications for the ease of all involved.
  • B-creative(Production Management System)
    Producing a number of panels and catalogs to accompany an exhibition or seminar, all in a short time, is a complicated task.
    B-creative manages production and prevents mishaps by creating a status list of all production items with regular deadline alerts.
  • B-palette(Material Management System)
    Managing distribution catalogs and novelty items can be unexpectedly troublesome.
    At Bigbeat, we not only hold on to these materials, but are constructing a mechanism that makes it easy to carry out warehouse management, manage remainders, and charter transportation.


At Bigbeat, we run operations for a number of events, and carry out administration for those events.
When we do, it is always necessary to create a special, event-specific website.
This special website becomes a communication tool between event hosts and attendees.
To create a platform that allows flexible response to day-to-day information updates, while still being a fresh and easy to understand information site for browsers...
This is the driving desire that created the high-quality, original CMS「B-Studio」.

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