CONFERENCEWho to call, how to shine,  and what to have them take home

Seminars and conferences play an important role in BtoB marketing promotion. The process leading up to that fast-paced, now-or-never event day, however, is no small task. Planning, customer collection, attendee management, various equipment and venue arrangements, administration operations, scheduling, fixture preparations, event day operations, and even post-event follow-up must all be duly accounted.

Bigbeat’s know-how and experience sees to over 50 events a year. From large-scale seminars to VIP exclusive conferences, we support events of all varieties and provide for attendees the rare yet exuberant experience of being able to take home 100% satisfaction.

Service Outline

  • New Product Unveils
  • Multi-city Seminars(Caravan)
  • User Seminars
  • Executive Conferences(Seminar&Golf Competition)
  • Press Conference

Bigbeat Overseas Expansion Service

From world tours, to first time events in Japan, to overseas exhibitions, Bigbeat offers English support services.
We handle overseas headquarter communications, as well as related exhibit progression administration. Please feel free to inquire in detail.

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